Monday, 22 June 2015

iam8bit 10th anniversary group show 2015

So pleased to have two paintings in iam8bit's 10th anniversary group art show.

Keep On Workin'… 
acrylic on canvas

A pastiche of R.Crumb's famous 'Keep On Truckin'…' cartoon. I love playing old video games - the idea of the painting being that them good ol' retro joysticks won't last forever.

Turbo Charge
acrylic on deep edge canvas - influenced by Colecovision's 'Turbo' game driving controller.
10x8 inches

Some links/photos about the show:

Thursday, 28 May 2015

2015 Liverpool Open Exhibition at Editions Gallery

Honoured to be part of the 5th Liverpool Open group exhibition at Editions Gallery in Liverpool especially as the standard of artwork and number of entries was even higher this year (also very happy to have sold my painting 'Drivin' Dawg' at the PV).
Exhibition runs until June 20th.