Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Magical Beatles painting

My latest painting for the Beatles Come Together exhibition in August (a way off but I want to put in three pieces this year). Based on scenes from the Magical Mystery Tour film.

John as the Eggman from the 'I Am The Walrus' video, Paul from the 'Fool on the Hill' video, George (unmasked) from the album cover and Ringo who appears as a wizard during the film.

'Magical Beatles' 100 x 25cm, acrylic on unpainted primed canvas. The rainbow trails continue under the canvas along the bottom edge.

Colour rough:

Ricardo Autobahn album cover

Recently a friend of mine bought one of my Merry ZXmas cards from the Winter Arts Market for her brother who asked if I could modify it for an album cover. Can't say no to that really.... Its an instrumental electronic album by Ricardo Autobahn.

The original card:

The modified cover: