Friday, 15 June 2012

Light Night Liverpool Friday 18th May 2012

Took part in a group exhibition during Liverpool's Light Night event. The 'We Are Superheroes' exhibition was held in the Basement of Level Creative Collective on Victoria Street. 

The fundraising event was conceived by Adam Cain in memoriam of his father Steven Cain who died of Lung Cancer in 2006.

Adam Cain & A 'Superlady'

The theme of the exhibition was 'Superheroes' in its widest possible sense. 
I chose Sir Clive Sinclair as playing games on my Spectrum computer was an obsession during my teens and offered an escape from the usual pressures growing up. Alongside the games, the artwork and magazine adverts associated with them had a colossal influence on my illustration practice. If I wasn't playing games I'd be designing my own artwork for inlays. 

I used to design loading screens/game graphics using an art package (Rainbird's OCP Art Studio) and had this theme in mind when I created my piece for the show:

I chose from a palette of 8 colours to match the Spectrum's. 
Materials used: coloured card backed with double sided tape on black mount board. The mount is made from a piece of yellow foam board with blue cardboard stripes fixed using double sided tape. 

'Super Clive' is a homage to the amazing loading screens that gave you something to look at  for five minutes while the games loaded:

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